Dog Guidelines

If you choose to bring you dog with you at the event, remember that you are responsible for their safety and well-being.

Make sure you dog is sociable and friendly around other dogs, people and children.

For everyone’s safety including theirs, make sure to keep your dog on lead at any time.

Your dog will need to sleep with you inside your tent or vehicle.

Make sure to bring enough food for your dog for the weekend. And remember to bring a bowl for them to drink from (water taps will be available throughout the site).

Try to keep your dog from making excessive noise, especially during the quiet hours at night.

Be mindful to keep your dog away from any wildlife.

Don’t forget to bring along some poo bags and pick up after your dog.

Dogs are not allowed in Glamping or Pre-pitched tents.

Please remember that not all dogs enjoy being petted. Always remember to ask permission from their guardian before approaching them.

If any dogs or their guardians are found to not be following the code of conduct and happen to breach it more than twice, they will unfortunately be asked to leave the event.


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