Earthling Ed

Earthling Ed is an educator, filmmaker, author, public speaker, and entrepreneur based in London whose work focuses on the environmental impacts and ethical implications of our diets.

Ed has already spoken at various companies like Google and Facebook, universities like Harvard, Yale, and Cambridge, and co-working spaces like WeWork and Makers of Barcelona.  He has also given two TEDx Talks and been featured by news outlets like the BBC, The Times, EuroNews, and The Guardian. In the fall of 2022, Ed co-taught a course at Harvard University that was led by Dr. Sparsha Saha on animals, politics and the use of media to promote animal rights.

Patrik Baboumian

Patrik Baboumian is a former professional athlete, a public speaker and a psychologist. He has written three books, given numerous talks all over the world and is best known for being part of The Game Changers documentary. Baboumian went vegan 11 years ago and he continues to travel the world on his mission to fight a false narrative around sports nutrition and animal protein. In his talk at Vegan Camp Out he will go in-depth on the topic of plant-based nutrition in sports and explain why going vegan helped him accelerate his athletic development even after 25 years of competitive strength sports and how it helped him to stay heathy after his career as a professional strongman.

Ali Tabrizi

Ali Tabrizi is an investigative documentary filmmaker, conservationist, and director of the renown Netflix Original documentary, Seaspiracy. He received worldwide acclaim for his work on ‘Seaspiracy’, which has catapulted him into the centre of conversations around sustainability and ocean conservation. The documentary, which investigates the environmental and ecological impact of the fishing industry, quickly climbed to Netflix’s Top Ten most popular films across the globe, grabbing the attention of members of the public, celebrities, and government alike.

He is the founder of Disrupt Studios where he is continuing the production of new films, and is an inspiring speaker on conservation, animal ethics, and the power of shifting to plant based food systems for human, animal, and ecological benefit.

Nimai Delgado

Nimai Delgado is a certified health coach, mechanical engineer, founder of and Vedge Nutrition, and the world’s first vegan IFBB pro bodybuilder. He was also featured in James Cameron’s documentary The Game Changers and the first vegan to ever grace the cover of Muscle & Fitness Magazine. Nimai’s not your average “meathead”, he was raised on a lacto-vegetarian diet since birth and transitioned to a fully plant-based diet in 2014. He began competing in bodybuilding in 2015 and quickly climbed up the ranks of the bodybuilding world while simultaneously showing that athletes can build muscle and thrive on a vegan diet. He now uses his platforms to educate millions about the many benefits of eating more plants and living a more holistic lifestyle.

Emma Hurst

Emma Hurst is the first female Animal Justice Party MP elected to NSW Parliament. A former psychologist, Emma has worked tirelessly for the rights of animals for many years with a background in campaigning, political lobbying, and media work. She has been vegan for over 20 years.

Since she was elected in March 2019, Emma has used her time in Parliament to fight for important reforms for animals. Over the last four years, she has secured over $60 million in Government funding for animal protection, mandated the ‘right to release’ for animals used in experimentation, outlawed convenience killing in pounds, banned the use of dolphins and whales for entertainment, increased penalties for animal cruelty, introduced legislation to ban puppy farming, and ran Parliamentary inquiries into battery cages and the dairy industry.

Seb Alex

Born and raised in Lebanon, Seb Alex moved to Europe to pursue a career in Sustainable Architecture. Having worked with the UNHCR’s refugee program for a year and an international coordinator of architecture projects, he decided to leave his corporate life behind and dedicate all his time to Animal Rights Advocacy. Seb has delivered workshops to more than 1,300 activists across the world, helped launched the world’s first animal rights and vegan support centre, and published the FREE e-book When Animal Rights & Logic Meet in 20 languages. He has given lectures in over 2/3 of universities in The Netherlands and more than 40 universities and schools across Europe. Currently, Seb concentrates on content creation and lectures on Animal Rights, Ethics & Sustainability in universities and schools. He is also the founder of the Middle East Vegan Society, a non-profit organisation concentrating on the growth of veganism in the Middle East and North Africa using educational and corporate outreach.

Pam Ahern

Pam Ahern is Founder and Director of farmed animal sanctuary, Edgar’s Mission. In 2003 the then champion equestrian became a champion of another cause. A cause that had always been close to her heart – that of animals. With the eponymous Edgar Alan Pig trotting by her side both headed down a path they could never have imagined, and both lives were forever changed. Today Edgar’s Mission is home to more than 400 formerly farmed animals. As ambassadors for their not so fortunate kind, it is through the telling of their stories, they show the world they are all unique individuals, with personalities and emotions that can touch the hardest of hearts. Moreover, they remind us all that a kinder world is possible, and every choice we make can be a contribution to that goal. “If we could live happy and healthy lives without harming others, why wouldn’t we?”

Stefania Ferrario 

Stefania Ferrario is an Australian model and activist who promotes body positivity and challenges the norms of the fashion industry. But Stefania’s advocacy doesn’t stop there. As an ethical vegan, she passionately defends animals, using her international platform to shed light on animal rights issues and inspire other to make compassionate choices.


Plantbaes (Sarah Cobacho)

Sarah Cobacho is an accredited nutritionist who specialises in plantbased nutrition. She advocates for a vegan lifestyle through delicious, easy, nourishing and wholefood vegan recipes that she shares with her social media community, plantbaes. Once her eyes were opened to the true scale of animal exploitation in the world and the health and environmental impacts of meat and dairy consumption, she found herself compelled to adopt a vegan lifestyle and, 6 years later, proudly states that it was the best decision she has ever made. Her purpose is to inspire the community to make healthier decisions for their own and their family’s life and the planet and to live a more compassionate lifestyle.


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