Let’s get your brand in front of our audience. Vegan Camp Out provides visiting companies a list of exclusive and enriching marketing opportunities, enabling brand activation and field marketing to our core vegan audience. There are a number of ways your brand can reach your target audiences with our festival marketing toolkit.


  • Adverts on our event guide which will be distributed to every attendees on arrival. The guide will include a map of the event and other key information. 
  • Your logo featured on the event flyer, which will be printed on ten of thousand of flyers and distributed at vegan restaurants, stores and events across all major Australian cities in the months leading to the festival.

Digital marketing

  • Exclusive social media engagement during the event and after the event with stories and post.
  • Email marketing after event to reinforce brand awareness post engagement at the festival. 
  • Link to website will drive web traffic to brand. 
  • As a new festival, our social media community and engagement is growing day by day especially with the backing and support of the people on our line up.

Direct marketing

  • Exclusive designated slot on our main stage with our audience eg documentary show / talk / Q&A
  • Exclusive interactive area at the festival customisable to the brands needs.
    – Brand building exercises
    – Food Sampling
    – Sell merchandise
    – Run competitions
    – Hand out vouchers/coupons
    – Interact with target audience
    – Education based activities

Speak to us for additional information and to explore further opportunities tailored to your organisation/business needs.
Email: marketing@vegancampout.com.au


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